BRABUS is an automotive brand without peer. Established in Bottrop, Germany in 1977, BRABUS is both a tuner extraordinaire and maker of exclusive automobiles when it comes to Mercedes-Benz vehicles. In the field of high-tech German engineering, they are specialists in extracting the maximum performance out of every Mercedes-Benz they work their magic on.

Aerodynamics, suspensions, brakes and engines, every component is carefully designed to function optimally, giving you nothing but the ultimate in driving enjoyment and pleasure. If luxuriating in absolute comfort and bliss is your aspiration, BRABUS has the elixir too. The finest leather combined with wood, aluminium and carbon fibre, and perfect craftsmanship, will satiate even the fussiest of tastes and needs.


AUTOART Singapore - authorized distributor for BRABUS


AutoArt Motorsports is the authorised distributor of BRABUS in Singapore and they have appointed two renowned names in the automotive industry to bring BRABUS’ offerings to you: VinCar and KBS Motorsports. VinCar will be enticing enthusiasts with a range of BRABUS complete cars while KBS Motorsports will be delighting Mercedes-Benz owners with a comprehensive assortment of BRABUS enhancement components.


VinCar logo


With over 25 years of experience and knowhow in the business of marketing and selling luxury, sports and performance cars, VinCar is well adept in the fine art of finding the perfect ride for any customer. A dedicated space within their well-appointed and expansive showroom will be the home of new BRABUS cars. There, Brand Specialists, trained in the finer details of customer service and more importantly, armed with essential knowledge about BRABUS and its fine automobiles, will take care of your queries as well as other key details like financing, insurance and everything else to make your purchasing experience a complete and satisfying one. Take your time, browse the cars on display, inside and out.


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When it comes to the best eyes and hands, and state-of-the-art facilities, KBS Motorsports is renowned in the automotive enhancement industry. With a decade of success firmly behind them, their expertise has enabled them to represent some of the most highly-regarded tuning brands in the world; and with BRABUS, they have arguably the most illustrious of them all. Sports exhaust systems to enable the engine to breathe better, sports springs or coilovers to improve handling and grip, engine performance kits to increase power and torque, aero bodykits or individual body components, complete with gorgeous alloy wheels, to enhance looks and on-road stability, and more. Let their BRABUS Brand Specialists explain to you how each piece fits with another, and when the installation experts finish with the complete makeover of your precious Mercedes-Benz, you will be blown away.